Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We have been busy!

We have been busy despite the snowy and slippery weather conditions. Some winters in Portland are like this...not all, but some.

I am just going to give a comprehensive update on all the recent projects right here on this page:

Kindergartens just completed a mixed media project inspired by Uri Shulvitz' "Snow." It is one of my all time favorite books and is 100% relevant to what we just experienced.


(I have to look into my phone app as I am taking student pictures and unable to upload them in this current blog system :( 

1st graders completed their Eric Carle inspired "Very Busy Spider" painted paper, mixed media project - that culminates with a spider web made of glitter. Really there is not anything prettier than glitter. Their work is hanging in the halls near their classrooms.

2nd grader have been making 3-D paper sculptures of birds. We have tried to look at birds in terms of nature and biology and have read some books and watched some quick videos.
Birds are so amazing and diverse they have been a broad and strong inspiration for us all.

This is a challenging project and the kids have loved it and are working quite hard. When they are complete, they are to name and describe their bird, where it lives and nests, eggs, diet...and are invited to write a story about their bird - realistic or imaginary. So far - fantastic!

3rd graders Have just completed their study of George Rodrigue - and his "Blue Dog" and were using this time to make a quick holiday gift.

4th grade have learned about the fiber artist Gabriel Dawe and are just about to do some string art as a quick project to reinforce their learning. Owls next.

5th graders are busily working on their Andy Warhol "Endangered Species" prints - which by the way are included in a great Warhol print display NOW at the Portland Art Museum. I even got over there this weekend to see them in person - stunning.

Two of our students:

The Warhol prints at PAM

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