Monday, January 22, 2018


Even though it is winter, I have the Capitol Hill Art Show- Friday April 6th, front and center in my mind. As it is scheduled for right after Spring Break, all the work needs to be collected and organized starting....February.

Students are finishing special projects for inclusion in the show. They are focused and in productive modes.

As usual, I have to brag about all the strong work the kids do. They have some real skills under their belts and they are eager to use them.

Here is a great painting by a 3rd grader who has been looking at architecture and observing the paintings of Gabriele Munter.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Mid-term Updates for everyone!


The time has gone quickly and we are finally hunkered down in a productive rhythm in the Art Studio. Students' contact time was reorganized so they could have a full 60 minutes once/week. The combining of the 1.5x 40 minute periods into 1 very full and useful studio time has felt productive and satisfying for all of us - students and teacher alike.
Students can not only make a project, but they now have sufficient time to learn the context of why we are doing this activity plus, time to reflect on their work and "make meaning" of the whole experience. That is valuable!

And, I think I have my photo-to-blog problem worked out, so I have no excuse but to try to communicate.

Please check back by 11/8 for full updates for all grades!!!

All lessons for 1st grade and up are organized by 
Skill- "I need to know how to..."
Concept- "I need to understand how to..."
Meaning - "Why are we doing this, and what does it mean to me?" Why- historically?, Why-in the context of art curriculum? and What does this work that I made mean to me?"

Monday, September 11, 2017

Slow Start


We are having a slow ramp up to a full art schedule, but I am happy to reconnect with the students and they appear happy to be back at school. How nice all around.

2 Things:

1. I wanted to share this link about the real value and practical training of visual art education. I had heard about this a few years ago, but the concept has been brought back into focus (no pun intended). Value of a visual arts education

2. Check out the International Rose Garden Art Show, that is now on display at the BESC - PPS Headquarters. We decided the show should be seen and appreciated by more people, so we hung it last week. I think it looks great and have already heard some positive comments.

 Several of our CH 3rd grade students sent their "Abstracted Bridges" drawings, fullfilling the theme of all about Portland.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Welcome Back to Capitol Hill!

I am just about to pivot back to thinking about and planning the year in art class, and am enjoying a few last summer pleasures.

I saw a lot of great art this summer out of town, but wanted to see the shows at the Portland Art Museum by Jennifer Steinkamp and the work of architect, planner, visionary John Yeon. Both shows end soon and I think they are worth seeing.

Here are some pictures from my trip there today: Steinkamp's animation.


And here are a couple more things I saw at the museum that kids might enjoy. 
4th floor NW art collection

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Well it is that time of year...

we are on the far side of the big efforts needed for the Capitol Hill Art Show! followed by the Heart of Portland - district wide art show... followed by the Art is Elementary - K-5 PPS Arts Tax funded classrooms show at City Hall.

I am behind on this communication and I guess you know why.

Here are some photos:

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Here it comes RIGHT after spring break:

Capitol Hill Student Art Show
Thursday April 6th 2017
6:00- 8:30 pm

Please come admire and celebrate the creativity of all of our K-5 students. They have worked so hard this year encountering new ideas and making them their own.

We will have an Opening Reception on the night of April 6th, displaying hundreds of pieces of art, with musical entertainment and refreshments available. This is a happy family and community event. We welcome everyone!

I would like to recognize the tremendous efforts of parents who make this event a reality, especially Emily S. and Emily W.

This visual arts teaching position is wholly funded by the Arts Equity and Access Fund, the Arts Tax!