Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Feedback from Hillsdale Library Art Display

Hi Nancy --

This art show has been so popular! We have received many compliments from staff and the public. Whenever I am near the artwork, patrons comment on how impressed they are with the quality of the work. It's not unusual to hear "Wow!" and "How old are these students?" 

The Hillsdale staff and our Director of Neighborhood Libraries delighted in discussing the chameleons during our staff meeting.

Thank you for a wonderful show, and please pass our thanks along to your student artists!


Barbara J Head
Youth Librarian
Hillsdale Regional Library, Multnomah County

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Benefit of offering Arts in schools.
link to article in the Washington Post

"...In short, the arts can’t save failing schools — certainly not on their own. The focus has to be on academic fundamentals. Yet I ended my morning at Savoy more convinced that arts programs can be more than a gracious dollop of artsy noblesse oblige for poor kids; rather, they can serve as a building block toward academic success."

From my years of teaching and observations of students, I have seen first hand how a positive art experience can serve as a building block for academic success. A student gains mastery in art* and then confidence. That confidence then spreads into the other areas of his/her academic life and gives them the courage and belief in their potential for success. It happens!

(and all of my art curriculum is developmentally geared to practically guarantee student success)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014

As I wrote earlier, we have some opportunity to show student work outside of our school building. Selecting work is harder than you might think as there is really too much quality work to choose from and too many consistently dedicated students at Capitol Hill to honor.

Umpqua Bank in Multnomah Village-  the month of May

5th grade Action Figure Sculptures are on display. The bank graciously hosted an Opening Reception for the students on Friday May 9th. The work will be on display (using the extra space at their discretion) for the next couple weeks.
All completed sculptures were included plus the additional 2-D work of some of our most dedicated art students.
Congratulations 5th Graders!

Hillsdale Library - May 12- May 25

Yesterday I hung art work from many students in 4th, 3rd and 2nd grade at the Hillsdale library.

You will find some wonderful examples of the 3rd graders' paintings- Bridge - Abstractions in the foyer of the library.

A sampling of the 4th graders, 3-dimensional Backpacks are in the display case in the foyer as well. Some Backpack Paintings are in the meeting room within the building.

A collection of the 2nd graders compositional work "Chameleons are Cool" are hung in the meeting room in the SE corner of the library.
I am told that many public meetings are held in that particular room and giving us the chance to introduce many citizens to our student work.

I am pleased to share with the public, some examples of what the Arts Tax has brought to Capitol Hill School.