Saturday, March 5, 2016

Show season - for ART

Hi -please SAVE the DATE/s!!!!

We are entering the "Show Season" for art made at Capitol Hill School.
The largest show will be of our students' work - here at the school - ~1,000 pieces!

April 7, 5:00-7:30 Capitol Hill annual Art Show
Every student will have 2 pieces of art work on display, as our school is transformed into a huge Art Gallery. We will also have musical performances and refreshments. * (help needed to mount and hang this show, many hands make light work - please contact me)

This is a wonderful celebration of our students' creative efforts, so please come and admire your child's and their friends' work.

 and if that is not enough....
The Heart of Portland - a K-12 PPS district-wide show will be at the Portland Art Museum this year. Each school is invited to select 1 piece of art to display at that venue. 
The Opening Reception for that will be Monday April 4th.

and there is still more!

Art is Elementary - a K-5 art show of student work created in Arts Tax funded classrooms within PPS, will be held at City Hall - April 19- May 5th, 
Reception May 5th 3:30-5:00 
In this show, 5-7 pieces of student work will be displayed.

For these other shows, I will contact families via email to notify them of the opportunity offered to their child.

My problem and I am being honest here - is that I have way more stellar student work than I have off-site opportunity to show. The kids have done a wonderful job learning and persisting in the development of their work and it is truly the best I have ever seen!!!!!!

4th grade Kandinsky Improvisation

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