Friday, October 2, 2015

such a delight...

Let me share these images with you from the 1/2 blended class.
I had all the 1st + 1/2 nd graders look at Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, a typical art project, but it is such an inspiring painting. 
I told them that in many places in the world to learn about art, students are instructed to "copy" the art. In the process they become more familiar with the content and the techniques required to render the image. Actually, it is a pretty effective way to build skills, but against all the American ideas of "personal expression."

Anyway, the students love Van Gogh's work and many know of Starry Night and were quite willing to take the challenge, though don't think I didn't hear a "...that is too much detail!"

In my opinion, what is especially wonderful about these drawings is how the students SAW the painting and reinterpreted it.

I applaud them with loud clapping, here is a bit of their wonderful work!

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