Sunday, May 31, 2015

We are winding down, though art class runs through the last day of school.

I have enjoyed the school year and have tried some new projects. The students have risen to a higher level of learning and skill development. Capitol Hill has many great and strong art students.

A big Thank You to Pam Wilson, who has wholeheartedly supported this program from the start. I have worked for many, many Principals and she is by far the best!

A huge THANK YOU to Darcy Peterson, who managed and installed the Art Show this year. As the school grows the undertaking is increasing! to say the least.
A couple parents, Emily Stiffler and Emily Wilmerding have stepped up to co-chair the school art show next year. I am hoping for parent representation from each classroom as a team leader to support the show and art program. Please let me know if you know you want to be involved.

Teaching art is really so much fun.
Thank you for sharing your children.
Nancy Helmsworth

Here are a few pieces you haven't seen:

3rd grade -Charles Demuth study

Kindergarten - Hermit Crab

5th grade - Action Self-Portrait

4th grade- Backpacks

1st grade- Enchanted Hat

3rd grade- Abstracted Portland Bridge, Joseph Stella study

1st grade - Penguins

Kindergarten - Paul Klee study - "Castles"

2nd grade - "Build-a-Bear"

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