Monday, December 1, 2014

National Core Arts Standards

Not only is there Common Core within the regular classroom, but the various national arts education organizations have written a National Core Arts Standard for all the disciplines. I had an opportunity to read and try to apply them to some of my recent lessons, and I actually like them.

The Standards make sense to me as an art teacher and practicing artist. They emphasize creative processes and the fact that they are teachable. In the art classes I have taken recently, we call them "systems." They are strategies for initiating, and generating creative ideas and all "creatives" use them and to get going on problem solving.
This part of the Standard really resonates with me because, I know for a fact that visual art is completely teachable. It is an old myth that a talented person, wakes up and creates a masterpiece. It just doesn't happen, in any media or discipline. Fine and transcendent work is the result of learning and practicing skills and having time to think. None of us performs our best when rushed, especially when thinking and sorting is required.

Here is a link to the Standards.

I like getting to know them and plan on including them in to my lessons here at Capitol Hill School.

Happy Winter.


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