Sunday, October 5, 2014

Capitol Hill shows student art at BESC (pps headquarters)

Friday after school I took some of our students' art work to BESC and hung it on the bulletin boards across from the main auditorium. The work will hang for the month of October.

As it is a large space, but still not big enough to hold work from our 460+ students, I had to limit the show.

Included is work from 3rd grade and 2/3 Merrill, 4th grade and 5th grade. Even this is only part of each classroom.

As I was hanging the work, people stopped to complement the quality and as one person said "I wish my son had that depth of program at his school." too!

Here are some pictures of the display.

2/3 rd grade Lichtenstein Self Portraits

5th grade Fauves

4th grade Symbolic Self-Portraits

3rd grade Lichtenstein Self Portrait

4th grade Symbolic Self Portrait

5th grade Fauves

3rd grade Lichtenstein Self Portraits

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