Thursday, September 4, 2014

The week is half over! and we are already being productive in the art room.

Many grade levels are starting the year with a self-portrait. They are children and they grow and change, so none of us even get tired of getting a glimpse of how they see themselves!

I am madly trying to update the blog, with more specifics about their first assignments; and please check back in 10 days or so and see images of completed work.

My 2nd year at Capitol Hill is going to be even better. I feel so good knowing the students from day one and being overall more familiar with the community and how the school is run.

Some of the grade level projects will stay the same (within that grade level year) and there will be some new projects. It is no fun doing the same thing year after year, and there is always some new idea out there.

Thank you for your support last year and I hope you will feel your children are learning and growing as creative folks.
I believe in their potential! and I say that with honesty and sincerity.

Nancy Helmsworth

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