Sunday, May 18, 2014

Benefit of offering Arts in schools.
link to article in the Washington Post

"...In short, the arts can’t save failing schools — certainly not on their own. The focus has to be on academic fundamentals. Yet I ended my morning at Savoy more convinced that arts programs can be more than a gracious dollop of artsy noblesse oblige for poor kids; rather, they can serve as a building block toward academic success."

From my years of teaching and observations of students, I have seen first hand how a positive art experience can serve as a building block for academic success. A student gains mastery in art* and then confidence. That confidence then spreads into the other areas of his/her academic life and gives them the courage and belief in their potential for success. It happens!

(and all of my art curriculum is developmentally geared to practically guarantee student success)

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