Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 2013

We have gotten off to a smooth start of a new year and a NEW PROGRAM!  Supplies have been ordered and delivered and the classroom has been set up.  Students have been coming to class since the first few days of school. 

My first impressions are very positive.  The students are very capable, ready to learn and learn quickly.  I notice they are self-reliant and are excellent at taking responsibility to move on to the next logical step.  I believe that attribute is the result of clear expectations from parents and teachers.  These kids are well trained and sharp. 

So, as a teacher, students like this are fun to teach and can move far and at a good pace.  This promises to be a very good year.

Here is what we are working on:
You will notice many self-portraits, review of art vocabulary and simple drawing/coloring skills.  Beginning this way I can make sure we are all starting with the same tools. 
I have removed names from all student work, with a handy iphoto tool.  That may be inconvenient but I would prefer to be discreet online.

Kindergarten- see tab

1st grade- see tab

2nd grade- see tab

3rd grade- see tab

4th grade- see tab

5th grade- see tab

So as you can see we are busy.

If you have any questions or comments concerning your children, please contact me.

Nancy Helmsworth

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